Our approach to healthcare is well-rounded in addressing symptoms as well as system dysfunction from a holistic perspective. We take time to get to know you and focus on each of your health concerns to initiate the most effective treatment plan possible. We will order appropriate lab testing and evaluate results with functional ranges, rather than just using the standard lab ranges that say “normal” or “disease”. Using functional ranges helps us to identify patterns trending toward disease so we can address the issue before you qualify for a diagnosis.

The basis of our care involves using muscle testing techniques for immediate input on what your body needs. By stimulating organ-specific reflex points and testing the strength of associated muscles, we receive direct information from the body to begin a path of treatment. In order to identify organ-related problems on lab tests, the function of the organ has to have already decreased by 40%. So, how to we catch the problem before 40% function is gone and you are suffering? The techniques we use allow us to pick up on these problems before they are severe - meaning, we can treat your symptoms before your organs are truly struggling and feeding into disease. These unique methods of practice are explained further below.

We support your health with nutrition, botanical medicine, manual therapies, homeopathy and lifestyle medicine.

How do we know when to use herbs vs. nutrients or something else? That's where muscle testing comes into play again. Our bodies are highly intelligent and can pick up on signals from the environment without us consciously realizing it. For example, when you feel that someone is staring at you without any other clues than just a feeling. That change in your environment was picked up by your subconscious (or autonomic) nervous system. By contacting a substance with your body, we can see an immediate response with a muscle test to know if your body will respond positively to the treatment



        • Applied Kinesiology - a system of techniques used to assess for structural, biochemical, and emotional imbalances in the body. By assessing muscle function, we can identify functional problems with organs or nervous system communication and find the optimal way to treat them. Methods used to treat include: joint mobilization, acupuncture point stimulation, cranial therapies, and soft tissue manipulation.

        • Nutrition Response Testing - this method of testing uses manual muscle testing with organ reflex points to determine organs that are under stress, and to find the targeted therapy that will strengthen that organ and restore function. This may be done with nutrients, herbs, homeopathics, etc.

        • Total Body Modification (TBM) techniques - a system of healing compiled from concepts of multiple traditional medical systems. These techniques use manual muscle testing, organ reflex points, and testing substances on the body to find causes of functional problems in the body. We can communicate with the nervous system by noting the change in muscle response and find the specific treatment that the body needs to correct the problem. The treatment methods used in TBM include hands-on stimulation of joints or points on the body, accurate selection of supplements if needed, manipulation of energetics in the body, and removing mental/emotional blocks that cause stress in the body.

        • Functional Lab Evaluation - Standard lab tests are ordered with most patients, but use more than just standard lab ranges to assess your health. Many people have completely normal lab results, but they don't feel well and they know something is off. This is why we use functional lab ranges. Standard lab ranges that may say a level of 6.9 is “normal” and 7.0 “disease”, for example, with no gray area. But with health, there are gray areas! Using functional ranges helps us to identify patterns trending toward disease (gray areas) so we can address the issue before you qualify for a diagnosis and get you back into the "optimal range".

        • Botanical Medicines - Botanicals, or herbs, may be used as part of your treatment to support healing. Similar to nutrient supplements, the compounds in botanicals can be helpful in assisting cell processes, calming inflammation, treating infections, and more. Botanicals are often a great alternative to try when considering pharmaceutical interventions.

        • Homeopathy - Homeopathic remedies are used with most patients and are selected with the muscle testing techniques used. These remedies are gentle, non-toxic medicines that support the body's healing processes. Remedies are administered during your treatment in the form of small sweet tasting pills that dissolve quickly. With homeopathy, you may notice a difference in the way you feel immediately, or over time after your treatment session.

        • Flower Remedies - Flower remedies are often used during treatment, not unlike homeopathics. They are also very gentle remedies that are useful for changing energetic patterns in the body and relieving blocked emotions or energetics that cause stress in the tissues. These remedies are liquid and are normally administered as a few drops under the tongue.

Proper use of these techniques requires many hours of study and a thorough understanding of human physiology. Dr. Kurtz strives to implement her knowledge of the human body and the use of these techniques to help her patients understand what is going on in their body when they're experiencing symptoms.

We do not provide quick fixes! Honestly, there is no quick fix or “magic bullet” for chronic illness. It takes years of stress, poor eating habits, dehydration, toxicity, etc. to form a chronic illness, so we can’t expect to undo all of it in one day. While we approach healthcare from a holistic perspective using natural therapies, we expect to make progress over time by peeling back layers of dysfunction and refueling your body with the things it needs to heal.

If you’re ready to dedicate yourself to improving your vitality and feeling better, contact us today to see how we can help you!